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Ghian's BBQ & Grill House

Where the food rocks, and the atmosphere rocks, and the wine rocks, and even the chef rocks...!
Reserve your table at our steakhouse with its Texan style barbecue, its open kitchen and its rustic look.
Our small and intimate air-conditioned restaurant is located in the Fynbos Centre in Stilbaai West.

Joops Classic
Fillet mignon – peppered pan-fried fillet (200g) in creamy red wine jus served with a choice of side.
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Ghian's T-Bone Steak
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Hake & Chips
A healthy portion of pan fried hake, flour crusted and lightly seasoned with creamy lemon zest sauce.
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Char-grilled Pork Rib Loin
Regular char-grilled pork loin ribs (400g), sweet or spicy BBQ.
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Chicken Cordon Bleu
Chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese, crumbed & served with our delicious cheese or mushroom sauce.
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Hearty Meals

Enjoy a freshly prepared, wholesome and lekker breakfast, lunch or dinner at our child friendly steakhouse. Our menu even offers special kiddies meals.

Book a table

Although we do accommodate walk-ins, to avoid disappointment, rather reserve a table in advance, either by phone, WhatsApp message, or online.

Fully Licensed

Our restaurant is licensed to sell liquor. Our collection of the finest wines is carefully selected for our customers to enjoy with our superbly prepared food.

Cell: 061 546 9784


Contact Us

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Ghian's specialities

Ghian's BBQ and Grill Menu in Still Bay

Grilled Pork Rib Loin

Char-grilled rack of pork from the rib area of the loin, sticky basted and served with chips.


Ghian's BBQ & Grill House Hamburgers

Traditional Burger

200g Beef or chicken, fresh bun, fresh lettuce, tomato, pickled dill served with chips.


Chicken Wings

16 Chicken wings served with Durky sauce and chips.


Some of our Specials! Available as Take away

Ghian's BBQ Grill House - Friday's burger special

Take a seat at our table.
You're in for the taste-ride
of your life!

Our master chef is waiting to prepare your meal. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, he prepares every dish with special care and skill to absolute perfection. Talk to your waiter about our specials, or the dish of the day, or simply choose from the menu.

Be ready for a divine attack on your taste buds!

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Order today and enjoy

Good Food
from Ghian's kitchen

Should you not be able to take a sit-down meal, or should we be full house, do not despair. Order your meal as a takeaway, pick it up and indulge. Same special care in preparation, same fresh ingredients, same delicious sauces and spices.

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Fynbos Centre

Cell: 061 546 9784
Closed on Mon
Tues - Sat 09h00-21h00
Sun from 09h00-15h00

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