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Chef's recommendation

Ghian's Famous Char-grilled Pork Rib rack

Texan style char-grilled pork ribs from the loin area, basted with sticky sauce, deliciously juicy and tender, and of course, served with chips.

Croissant:  R60

A fresh croissant served with scrambled egg, cheese & bacon.

Easy Breakfast: R35

Easy does it with 1 fried or scrambled egg, a rasher of bacon, tomato & a slice of toast.

Classic Breakfast:  R49

Keep it simple with 2 fried or scrambled eggs served with 2 rashers of bacon, tomato & toast.

Country Breakfast:  R95

Enjoy our complete breakfast with 2 fried eggs, 2 rashers of bacon, boerewors, Texan mince & beans, tomato and fried mushrooms on fresh bread.

Steakhouse Breakfast:  R95

Enjoy a meaty breakfast with 150g rump, 2 fried eggs, 2 rashers of bacon, tomato & toast.

Butter Pecan French Toast:   R59

French toast with crispy bacon sprinkles, drizzled with maple toffee.


All omelettes are 2-egg omelettes served with a slice of  fresh bread.

Creamy Goat Cheese & Mushrooms:   R79

Creamy goat cheese with roasted mushrooms and fresh chives.



For a light bite to help you through the afternoon we offer the usual suspects and then some… Choose your favourite toasted sandwich, or a warm pancake or maybe some fresh home baked quiche.

Toasted Sandwiches:

All toasted sandwiches are served with brown or white bread and a choice of chips or a side salad..


Toasted Cheese & Tomato   R39


Toasted Ham & Cheese     R42


Toasted Ham, Cheese & Tomato   R43


Toasted Bacon, Egg & Cheese    R48


Toasted Chicken Mayonnaise    R48


Enjoy a warm pancake plain with cinnamon sugar, or savoury filled.

Served with a nibble of chips or side salad.


Plain Pancake R8


Creamy Ham, Cheese & Mushroom Pancake

Single R35  Double R45


Savoury Mince with a Slice of Cheese

Single R30 Double R40



Home baked quiches served with a nibble of chips or side salad.


Spinach & Feta Quiche R48


Bacon & Cheddar Cheese Quiche R52

Best Burgers in Town

Burgers are 200g Pure Beef or Chicken Fillet with a choice of wedges or a side salad.


Traditional Burger   R85

200g Beef or Chicken, caramelised onions, fresh lettuce, tomato, pickled dill on a fresh home baked bun.

Build your burger extras  R20

Bacon, Guacamole, Pineapple,  &  Cheese.

Succulent fresh salads

Honey Mustard Chicken Crunch  R75

Crispy chicken strips, red onions, red peppers, cherry tomatoes and crispy bacon served with honey, blue cheese & mustard dressing.


Greek Salad   R55

Italian lettuce, cherry tomato, Kalamata olives, Danish feta, onions served with Greek salad dressing.


Chicken Mango Salad   R75

Char-grilled Rib or Eisbein


Wings Ghian’s Way   R79

Delicious chicken wings served with Durky sauce.


Escargots au Roquefort:    R75

Snails in cream of cheeses, served with garlic & fresh herb butter.


Springbok Carpaccio   R99

Carpaccio on a bed of rocket stuffed with goat’s cheese & pine nuts

served with drizzled balsamic honey reduction & Parmesan shavings.

All main menu items come with your choice of a side:

Fried Chips / Crispy Seasoned Potato Wedges / Baked Potato with Garlic Butter & Cream,

or Side Salad

Rib & Wing Combo   R149

Char-grilled combo of ribs smoked (200g) & wings served with Durky sauce.


Steak & Wing Combo R149

200g Rump char-grilled with a portion of our famous wings in Durky sauce.


Char-grilled Pork Rib Loin   R130

 Regular char-grilled pork loin ribs (400g), sweet or spicy BBQ.


Eisbein   R139

Traditionally oven baked crackled pork knuckle served with sauerkraut.


Chicken Cordon Bleu R159

Chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese, crumbed & served with our delicious cheese or mushroom sauce.

Hake & Chips R95

A healthy portion of pan fried hake, flour crusted and lightly seasoned with creamy lemon zest sauce.


Chicken Schnitzel  R129

Chicken breast dusted and crumbed served with creamy cheese sauce.


Joops Classic   R175

Fillet mignon  – peppered pan-fried fillet (200g) in creamy red wine jus served with a choice of side.


Beef Espetada 300g R165

Succulent beef skewer charred with bay leaf oil, and Ghian’s secret basting sauce.

Our Selected Cuts Price or (SQ):

A selection of cuts char-grilled to perfection with a choice of side:


             RUMP     –     300g  R150

         SIRLOIN     –     300g  R150

            FILLET          200g  R130



 Joop’s Pepper Sauce   –   Creamy Mushroom   –   Parmesan Garlic   –   Creamy Blue Cheese   –   Smoked Paprika Cheese  

Fine Selection of Wine, Beer & Spirits


Dessert Pancake    R49

Served with ice cream & sauce of your choice.

Granadilla Cheese Cake    R69

Served with ice cream or cream & sauce of your choice.

Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce  R45

Chocolate Volcano    R69

Served with ice cream & sauce of your choice.

Kiddies Menu

Birdnest Breakfast (until 11am)   R49

Pan fried egg inside toast topped with a rasher of bacon and sprinkled cheese.

Crumbed Chicken Strips   R49

Crumbed chicken strips served with French fries.

Kiddie Burger   R49

Crumbed or grilled chicken burger with French fries or side Greek salad.

Make A Reservation

We serve breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. Since the capacity of the grill house is round 40 people, we kindly suggest that you book a table, thus avoiding disappointment. We do our best, though to accommodate walk-ins, if at all possible.

Reservations for group functions or celebrations are also welcome.

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